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“国际光年”首场大型报告会在中国科大举行  2015-01-11
“超衍射光场与介质相互作用的机理研究”课题第二次研讨会成功举办  2014-12-20
我实验室师生参观首届"博士生创新应用成果展"  2014-11-19
光电子科学与技术安徽省重点实验室 研究生第七届学术论文报告会顺利召开  2014-11-02
Zhaowei Liu教授来访我实验室  2014-09-18
实验室召开迎新大会并重申实验室规章制度  2014-09-02
加拿大Laval大学盛云龙教授访问我实验室  2014-07-07
2014年光电子科学与技术重点实验室科技活动周圆满结束  2014-05-19
  In 2000, the Institute of photonics was established by the Department of Physics of USTC, the Department of Materials of Science and Engineering of USTC, and the National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory. Under the unified lead from the USTC, the institute main focused on the newest development abroad and did innovative researches on photonics and technology.
  In 2003, on the foundation of Institute of photonics and National Key Optical Subject, the Anhui key laboratory of optoelectronic science and technology was finally co-established with Zhengyang Photoelectric Technology Company, which showed great advantages of collaboration of the photonics material, optics, electronic information and other subjects.
Research field

|-Institute of photonics
|    |
|    |-Nano-photonics
|    |-Polymer-photonis
|    |-New device & sensor
|-Diffraction optics
|-Polymer optical material
|-Biology optical technology
|-Laser technology
|-Fiber technology
|-Zhengyang Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd

Chair:Prof.Guangcan Guo
Honorary Chair:Prof.Guozhen Yang
Vice-ChairProf.Yongping Li
        Prof.Bing Zhu
        Prof.P.K.Alex Wai
Director: Prof.Hai Ming
Vice-Director: Engr.Hao Hu
        Prof.Qijing Zhang
        Prof.Lixin Xu
        Prof.Pei Wang
Director of industry
        Engr.Hao Hu (Hefei Zhengyang co. )
Main group

Our lab comprises 8 professors, 9 associate professor, 5 teachers and engineers, including 12 doctors and 15 youthful researchers(under 45 years). In additional, the registered capital of Hefei Zhengyang Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd, is 1.2 million yuan. And it comprises 26 employees, in which graduate students are more than 87%.



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